Bears Fan Starts GoFundMe to Buy Out Mitch Trubisky’s Contract


Mitch Trubisky has wasted every opportunity to get Chicago Bears fans on his side this season. It seems he continues to lose believers by the week. His latest performance against the New Orleans Saints would seem to confirm their fears. One wouldn’t think that by looking at the stat sheet (251 yards and 2 TDs) but most of that production came when the defense began playing prevent. It’s clearer than ever that Trubisky just doesn’t have the mental fortitude for the speed of the NFL.

Defenses have adjusted. They continue to spy him so he can’t run, forcing him to stay in the pocket and beat them with his arm. Despite having numerous opportunities with open receivers on Sunday, he stuck to his old script by missing them. People have run out of patience and believe the time is coming for a change. One fan named Frank Massallo decided to take it a step further.

How? He opened a GoFundMe campaign with a simple objective. He wants to collect $58 million to pay off the rest of Trubisky’s contract so the Bears can get rid of him. While the truth is it wouldn’t even take more than $15 million to achieve this goal, clear anger is evident in explaining the fundraiser’s purpose.

“By selecting Mitchell Trubisky, the Chicago Bears just ruined their franchise for five years. Chicago stunned the NFL world by selecting Mitchell Trubisky 2nd overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. Not only did the Bears select him 2nd overall, they also moved up one pick by trading valuable draft capital to do so. Head coach John Fox and General Manager Ryan Pace can likely kiss their jobs goodbye because they made the most egregious decision of the entire draft.”

Mitch Trubisky clock is ticking faster than ever

Three years is typically how long it takes to determine if a player has the goods or not. Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson are sitting atop the NFL quarterback heap. That pretty much says all anybody needs to know. Trubisky was the wrong pick. Sure, a lot of people believed he had the qualities to be just as good but facts are facts. The Bears didn’t get the choice right and the time has come for them to reach a decision. When do they accept that reality and move on?

Ten games remain in 2019. There isn’t much the Bears can do at this point but ride this thing out. Try to salvage what they can and then make their decisions in the offseason. Trubisky may not be cut outright but his grip on the starting job is broken. Chicago is almost certain to at least bring in competition. Who will that be? One can only speculate at this point.