Who’s Ready For J.D. Martinez To The White Sox Rumors?!?!?


I absolutely love that MLB offseason rumors are now starting as early as August. Entertain me baby!

So, the Boston Red Sox fired Dave Dombrowski this past week and despite being a multi-billion dollar franchise the owner, John Henry, apparently doesn’t have enough cash to retain some of their star players going forward.

Alex Speier of the Boston Globe reported that the Red Sox are most likely going to trade J.D. Martinez or Mookie Betts and maybe even both this offseason.

Via The Boston Globe.

In re-signing Eovaldi and then reaching a long-term deal with Chris Sale, Dombrowski put the Sox in a position where – based on their payroll projections and a significant desire to get under the luxury tax threshold sometime in the next two years to reset the penalty structure – they’ll likely end up parting with J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts, or possibly even both this winter.

Again, the Red Sox could keep Martinez and Betts if they really wanted to, but hey that’s Henry’s decision. Anyway, let the rumors begin!

Martinez has an opt-out clause in each of the next three years of his contract with the Red Sox. He just turned 32-years-old in August and despite his great numbers at the plate, Martinez is pretty much looked at as a DH. So, maybe he doesn’t opt for free agency, as he’s owed $62.5 million over the next three seasons.

So, if the Red Sox want to get rid of him, they’re most likely going to trade him this offseason. However, there is always the chance that Martinez wants to test free agency. I mean, he’s still having an awesome year, posting a .957 OPS with 35 home runs so far in 2019.

Enter the White Sox.

So, maybe you don’t trust the insights of Alex Rodriguez and Steve Phillips, as they both brought up the White Sox as possible landing spots for Martinez in the past few days, but maybe they’re only bringing the White Sox up because Ken Rosenthal was the first to make that connection on Saturday.

It’s quick, but Rosenthal only brings up one team when alluding to a potential free agent spot for Martinez if he does indeed become available this offseason, the White Sox. (59 seconds in)

Ahhh, who’s ready for more rumors?!?!?!

But no one leak out any info on Twitter because you might ruin Rick Hahn’s negotiations.