What You Need To Know Before Attending Your Fist Chicago Blackhawks Game


Are you a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks but have never watched them play live? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of Blackhawks’ fans have only watched the team play on network television. While this is a fantastic way to watch professional ice hockey, there is just something special about watching the sport live. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help you prepare for your first live Chicago Blackhawks’ game.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Thousands of fans flock into the United Center on game day to watch their favorite Blackhawks’ players in action. Even though the United Center has a maximum capacity of 19,717 for ice hockey events, getting good tickets can sometimes pose difficult. So, to ensure you get a good seat, it is recommended to purchase them early. This way you will have the best odds of scoring the best seats in Rows 1, 5, and 10.

Get The Official App

If you have never seen the United Center or stepped foot in it, you are probably going to be more than overwhelmed when you see it. Heck, trying to find parking alone is enough to deter one from even going to a game. That being said, the official, free United Center App could make the whole process even easier and more enjoyable. As mentioned, the app is free and all you have to do is download it. The app features a whole slew of helpful information like parking grids, frequently asked questions, arena maps, seat layouts, and event calendars. Whether you are a full-time working parent or just a bust

individual, you can utilize this app to prep for your visit to the United Center or just learn more about the Blackhawk’s schedule, standings, and statistics.

Heck, the app even offers an online retail store where you can shop for official gear. Buying it at the game could mean that you miss some of the action. And, missing some of the live-action is something that you do not want to do when attending a live game.

Arrive Early

The United Center generally opens before the Blackhawks’ game is scheduled to start. Arriving early will give you an opportunity to explore the arena, grab some snacks, find your seat, and watch the players warm up on the ice before the game starts. Many fans like to arrive early because it gives them the opportunity to get themselves situated before the players hit the ice to battle it out against the opposing team.

Buy A Camera

If this is your first Blackhawks’ game, you will definitely want to capture some of the events on camera. Live pictures and videos of the Blackhawks in action will give you bragging rights. You can utilize your mobile phone to snap pictures and record fights, goals, and frustrated players break their hockey sticks if it has a good camera. If you do not want to take any chances of missing an opportunity to capture these events on camera, you should consider investing in a brand with image stabilization, trigger speeds of 0.13 to 1.3 seconds, and a wide lens. When you are not snapping pictures of your favorite Blackhawks’ players, you can play games online at tangkasnet.

Save Your Appetite For The Game

Professional ice hockey games last an hour. But, with time-outs and intermission, the game can drag out to 2-1/2 hours. If there is any delay, the time limit will be extended accordingly. With that said, you should consider saving your appetite for the game. There is just something special about watching a live ice hockey game and munching down on hotdogs and pizza.

Depending on which section you are sitting in, you will have access to Connie’s Pizza (Sections 104, 222, 305, and 322), Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizza (Section 120), Gibson’s Rush Street Steakhouse (Section 103), and Chicago Pours (Section 234-210 and 218-217). Other restaurants in the United Center include Backstage Cantina, Lillie’s Q, and Legacy Burger. All of these restaurants serve dishes that are to die for.

Plan To Stay After The Game Is Over

Many Blackhawks’ will agree that the best part of the game is when the Three Stars are announced. These are the three players that stood out the most during the game. Unfortunately, this event does not take place until after the game is over. But, hardcore fans would not miss this opportunity for the world.