Prince Amukamara Tops Everybody in How He Reacted to Pineiro’s Kick


There were plenty of different reactions during the final second of the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos game when Eddy Pineiro nailed a 53-yard field goal to win it. Obviously there was disbelief on the Denver sideline and jubilation on Chicago’s. What was truly enjoyable was seeing how some of the Bears reacted when the kick actually went through. Initially, it seemed like head coach Matt Nagy had the best reaction. However, recent film footage from the game may hand that honor to cornerback Prince Amukamara. posted a new video of their Mic’d Up series that covered the wildness of the game from both sides. The back and forth scoring and of course the final sequence including great calls from both team play-by-play announcers. Then comes the Pineiro field goal. As it’s being booted and going through, the camera zooms out to a wide shot from along the Bears sideline. It is here one sees the unmistakable #20 jersey of Amukamara. His reaction pretty much tells the entire story.

Prince Amukamara sums up the feelings of all the Bears

Simply pumping your fists in celebration like Nagy did is good fun. Literally chucking your helmet into the air as you sprint onto the field? That takes the cake. It perfectly explains how the Bears felt in that moment. Not just because they’d won the game in dramatic fashion, but how they won it. This was a team tortured by kicking woes in close games last season. Cody Parkey cost them two wins. First came a game-winner against Miami that sailed wide. Then, of course, the infamous Double Doink against Philadelphia in the playoffs.

That moment signifies not only delight at winning the football game but winning it because of the kicker. Amukamara, like many others, had lived through some dark times on that front. It can be such a liberating feeling when such a time finally comes to an end.