Mitch Trubisky is typically an upbeat guy. He has a self-confidence about him that has carried him through some difficult times in Chicago. However, it feels like something may have changed after his disastrous showing against the Green Bay Packers on opening night. With the full weight of expectations heaped upon his shoulders, Trubisky was once again unequal to the task in a primetime game. He finished with just 228 yards and an interception.

It could’ve been a lot worse too.

Fast forward to Wednesday and the quarterback finally got a chance to speak with the media. Inevitably questions about the game began. It was here Trubisky made an interesting statement.

Adding to this peculiar decision by the Bears PR staff was the quarterback’s overall demeanor. The smiling kid was nowhere to be found. He seemed dejected and even depressed. While nobody can say for sure what was going on in his head, it seemed clear that thoughts of the game were lingering with him. Perhaps the Bears were concerned that having to relive the nightmare through questioning might only make it worse.

If that’s true, this raises major concerns.

Mitch Trubisky seems to have lost his swagger

Trubisky has said on multiple occasions that nobody is harder on him than he is on himself. He takes every mistake and every loss seriously. He’s an ultra-competitive guy and wants to win every single time. So one can imagine losing such a high-profile game against the Bears’ biggest rival and it was pretty much his fault? That can’t have sat well inside his head. All he had to do was score 11 points to win the game and he couldn’t even manage that.

Such things can play on the psyche of a young quarterback. The NFL is an unforgiving place. It will eat players alive who don’t have the mental fortitude to withstand the relentless burdens of expectation. Trubisky is no longer protected by his lofty draft status or the idea he’s a young QB still learning. This is his third year in the league and second in the offense. He should’ve played a lot better and didn’t.

This leads to inevitable questions. What’s wrong? It shouldn’t be like this. Why am I not improving? Nothing is more crippling to an athlete than self-doubt. It would seem the Bears fear that is where their quarterback may be teetering and are doing whatever possible to get memories of that game as far in the past as possible.