Branding is everything in sports, especially when it comes to stadium naming rights. Companies pay hefty sums just for their name to appear as fans enter on game day. With the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium set to open a year from this week, Summerlin-based Allegiant Airlines is reportedly nearing a deal to secure naming rights for the much-anticipated landmark.

While no confirmation has come via the team, the league or Allegiant Airlines itself, multiple sources have told ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez a deal is near. Considering Allegiant Airlines is a Las Vegas-based corporation, the name makes sense. In fact, many fans are already calling the new stadium “The AL,” in honor of the late Raiders owner Al Davis.

Whatever the choice is, social media had its fun as opinions ranged from angry to silly to ridiculous. Some other nickname ideas included “The Death Star” and “Allegiant Coliseum.” The price for applying a name to the stadium is expected to cost roughly $25 million per year for 20 years.

Allegiant Airlines is no stranger to Southern Nevada pro sports

Allegiant Airlines already has a corporate deal as the “Official Domestic Airline Partner”  of the Vegas Golden Knights. Its logo appearing on the ice at Vegas Golden Knights games at T-Mobile Arena, one of four corporate sponsorship spots on the ice near the center line. Allegiant Airlines also sponsors the Las Vegas Aviators Triple-A baseball team, which is also based in Summerlin. The Las Vegas Ballpark was even recently named the top ballpark for the 2019 season.

The US low-cost airline previously denied back in May that it had filed for trademark protection of the venue, but a deal now looks imminent, with Yahoo Sports also reporting Allegiant will part with approximately US$25 million a season over a period of 20 years to lend its name to the new build.

The potential deal is a nice break from some of the negative press the airlines has received in recent years. Allegiant Airlines was the subject of an unflattering 60 Minutes story regarding air safety concerns. In 2016, an aviation expert describe it as an “accident waiting to happen” after a string of emergency landings and diversions.

Hopefully the Raiders aren’t an accident waiting to happen, but that seems unlikely as the team preps for a strong 2019 season after struggling last year. This will be the final year in O*kland for the Raiders, who move to Las Vegas after the season ends. The Raiders are hoping to capture one last year of magic before the team moves to Sin City for good.

Construction continues at a rapid pace for the new stadium

The final truss is being hoisted up this weekend and the team is holding a special ceremony Monday to celebrate the “topping” of the stadium. A select few Raider greats will be signing the last beam before the glass top is installed on top of the stadium trusses. While the construction is set to be completed 364 days from today, check out a few design photos below, followed by some updated shots of the real stadium as construction continues.