Mitch Trubisky is determined to involve as many receivers as possible into the Chicago Bears offense. However, like any quarterback, he can’t help but have favorites. It’s becoming clear down at training camp that his connection with Allen Robinson runs deep. The two are on the same page on almost every single snap. The general belief is that they will connect a lot in 2019 for some considerable numbers. Beyond Robinson though, is there anybody else who’s starting to gain his favor?

Taylor Gabriel has had a solid camp. Anthony Miller continues to flash though his injury issues have persisted. One man who has climbed the ladder in a big way over the past month is Javon Wims. It’s been apparent multiple times that he has gained the trust of Trubisky. Expectations are the former 7th round pick will be a much bigger factor in the passing game this season after making just four catches as a rookie.

Trubisky himself offered an interesting comment after the most recent Bears practice at Halas Hall. It came after a question regarding rookie 4th round pick Riley Ridley who just recently returned to full strength following a hamstring issue. By the sound of things, the Bears QB is already a big fan.

“I love throwing to Riley. He’s very savvy. He’s like “Juice” (Javon Wims) a lot where he can run the whole route tree from a lot of different spots. As a rookie and as his first year in this offense, he picked it up really quickly. You can tell he’s got a high football IQ. He studies a lot. He’s very competitive. He wants it really bad. You love to see that as a quarterback. He’s going to be in the right spot, right time. He gets out of his cuts very well. He’s just smooth.”

Mitch Trubisky has good reasons to like Ridley

Here’s the thing about Trubisky. He likes receivers who make his job easier. That isn’t a shot at his own talent as a passer. It means he is human. No guy wants the burden of having to be perfect on every single throw. If only because that’s impossible. It isn’t a secret how much scrutiny he’s been under about his accuracy since last season. Fair or not. Guys like Ridley are a natural favorite for young quarterbacks for two key reasons.

Trubisky referenced the first. Ridley is a good route runner. Far better than is normal for a rookie. He’s smart, detailed, crisp, and understands how to vary them up to keep defensive backs guessing. The other part? He’s big. Ridley is 6’2. That presents a reasonably bigger target than Trubisky was used to last season with the likes of 5’11 Miller, 5’8 Gabriel, and 5’6 Tarik Cohen. Those extra inches will put a little less pressure on the quarterback to be pinpoint on each throw.

Expectations were already high that Ridley could see action early in his first season. These words by the Bears quarterback only reinforce that belief.