Matt Nagy may be the head coach, but don’t ever say he’s a broken-down old man. This guy hasn’t lost that competitive fire he had as a player. Even at 41-years old, he’s taken on several appearances that have called for him to showcase the arm that once made him a household name at Delaware and in the Arena League. This included throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at both a White Sox and a Cubs game.

His favorite event though must be taking one practice during training camp to man the QB position during one-on-ones and throw at the Chicago Bears defensive backs. He did so last year, much to the delight of his players and the fans. That time came again during the August 5th practice down in Bourbonnais. This time though, Nagy was determined to have his way. He ended up beating both Prince Amukamara and Kyle Fuller for touchdowns.

Nagy wasn’t the only one who had a good day. Mitch Trubisky still had his occasional interception, but he was far sharper and more precise with his passes during this practice than any previous. A good sign that he’s begun finding his rhythm. It was his coach though who did all the talking after practice. When meeting with the media, he wasn’t the least bit shy about chirping at both Amukamara and Fuller.

Matt Nagy proves again his ability to keep things fun

This is a reminder of Nagy at his best. The reigning Coach of the Year likes to strike a balance between two avenues: competition and fun. He constantly likes to push his players to improve but knows that doing this for too long can lead to mental exhaustion. Something that is an even greater enemy to success than physical fatigue. So he sometimes has to mix things up, make it interesting and enjoyable for the players.

Giving them a break to watch him go toe-to-toe with the defensive backs is one of his many methods. Talking trash to them afterward is another. Don’t be fooled. Nagy doesn’t do all that as a spur of the moment. It’s calculated towards making the Bears as mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming season as possible. When the players don’t know what each day may bring, it keeps them interested and on their toes.

Right where the head coach wants them.