Chicago Bulls 1st round pick Coby White is off to a good start in his NBA career. Through two Summer League games, he’s provided a nice cache of highlights that showcase his potential as a point guard. His ability to run the floor and find teammates for big baskets and also his underrated talent for creating his own shot. Sure, there are things to work on like his decision-making and his accuracy from long range, but there is reason for optimism.

That said, White isn’t a robot by any means. He’s human and as anybody knows, humans have their eccentricities. White is no different. Intentionally or not, he revealed a couple of them during an AMA on the Chicago Bulls Reddit page before the team’s next Summer League contest. Most of the questions were fairly straightforward.

What does he use for shampoo?

Who is his favorite musician?

What does he think his NBA 2K rating will be?

His answers were short and to the point. However, two other questions managed to elicit some juicy responses from the young point guard. One was whether he had any pregame routines.

“In order: I put my left sock on, then right, then left shoe, then right shoe.”

He’s nothing if not consistent. A short time later another fan asked why he chose to wear the #0. The reply started off innocently enough, then took a surprising left turn.

“I wore it in high school. I would have worn it in college but someone had it. Also because Sub-Zero is my favorite game character.”

Coby White certainly seems like a character with character

One of the common lines used about great teams in sports is that they were made up of “characters with character.” That is to say players who had rather unique quirks to their personality but also were dedicated workers who thought more about the success of the team than themselves. Based on those answers and the rest of the Reddit, it seems like White fits that mold perfectly. Works hard, plays hard, and has personal reasons for why he does things.

Odds are the team won’t regret making him the 7th overall pick. Thus far in Summer League action he leads the Bulls averaging 16 points per game. That along with 4.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists. He’s shooting 0-for-11 from behind the arc and had seven turnovers in the loss to Cleveland in the Bulls’ second game. So he wasn’t lying when he said there were things he needed to work on.