Devin Hester was one of the key contributors to the last great era of Chicago Bears football. His arrival got them to the Super Bowl in 2006 and was a big help to them reaching the NFC championship in 2010. Along the way, he became the all-time greatest return man in NFL history. His list of highlights is legendary, making him a fan favorite the world over. It was a sad day when he left in 2014.

Since then people have wondered if such excitement would ever return to Chicago. Tarik Cohen has filled the gap admirably as a punt returner but it’s not quite the same. He’s more of a running back who’s also pretty good at that. They haven’t found a pure returner since Hester left. So maybe the best thing for them to do is simply stick close to the same gene pool.

Recent videos released by Hester himself showed his son Dray running drills at a football camp. It didn’t take long to realize the young man had a lot of his daddy in his moves.

The NFL removed the ability to spend draft picks on future prospects a long time ago. So the Bears would not be able to lock up young Dray until he became eligible down the road. One thing is for sure though. They would be wise to set aside a high pick for when that day comes. There have been too many instances of sons living up to their fathers in this league to pass up such an opportunity.