Aaron Rodgers is a competitive guy. One would have to be in order to be where he is in his career. There is no question the man is destined for the Hall of Fame and may be in the conversation for best every to play. Of course he’ll need more stats and probably another ring in order to enter that conversation. Still, he at least has a case for the G.O.A.T conversation. However, in his mind there is only one greatest ever.

ESPN polled several players across the NFL about their all-time favorite athletes. Not just in football but also baseball and basketball. Rodgers had his answer ready for the latter and it wasn’t even a question for him. Growing up in the late ’80s and 1990s, everybody knows who the undisputed king of the NBA was. His Royal Airness himself.

Rodgers got a chance to meet Jordan years back and the two struck up a friendship. However, that did not stop the Chicago Bulls icon from establishing early who the alpha truly was.

“Michael Jordan. It’s very simple — because he was the best, and basketball was my first love, as far as sports go. … The first time [we met] was at this round on a Sunday at Edgewood Tahoe, and it was he, me and Jerry Rice, and I was also a big Niners fan growing up.

Jerry was grinding hard on his golf ball even though we were out of the tournament, but he was grinding away, so me and Mike just walked the fairways together, and he was fantastic. … He’s a really nice guy, I’m thankful he didn’t bet me with me on the course, because he would’ve taken all my money [laughs].

I was a little nervous — MJ plays the ball well and he has a great short game. I think in all the rounds we’ve played, I might’ve only beat him one time.”

Aaron Rodgers learned how serious Michael Jordan takes golf

Basketball was Jordan’s life and he may have dabbled in baseball, but to this day a lot of people don’t know how much the man loves golf. He takes it so seriously that he will literally bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on each hole in scratch games. This is a guy who was in the middle of playing in the 1992 Olympics with the Dream Team and was playing 36 holes every day in between each match.

Rodgers may be competitive, but he learned the hard way that nobody can touch Jordan. This is a man who approaches every game he plays regardless of type like it’s do or die. This is a guy who played the iPad game Bejeweled with such skill that he surpassed level 100, earned the “Demigod” status. If he’s going to play something, he’s going to win. Plain and simple.

Beating the pants off the Green Bay Packers quarterback was merely a demonstration.