Virginia McCaskey Owned One of the Funniest Moments at Bears 100th


Nobody would’ve expected it, but Virginia McCaskey was one of the stars of the Chicago Bears 100th anniversary celebration down in Rosemont over the weekend. The 96-year old may have never played a down in her life, but she has lived and breathed Bears football the entirety of her extended life span. No living person has logged more hours watching this team than her.

That’s why it was a good idea to ask her about the new team throwback uniforms. They were unveiled during the festivities on June 7th, harking back to the mid-1930s teams with primary white jerseys with a three-striped helmet. It’s proven quite popular among fans who have already begun to scoop up their favorites.

Tom Thayer, former Bears guard and now analyst for 780 WBBM, asked if she remembered having any impressions of the uniform all those years back in 1936. It was then she delivered one of the lines that made the celebration impossible to forget.

Virginia McCaskey may be old, but she is anything but boring

Nobody can ever say Mrs. McCaskey lacks the ability to tell a story. It’s only natural a girl who was maturing into adulthood would find greater fascination in the big, muscular men wearing the uniforms rather than the uniforms themselves. What makes this even more hilarious is what happened when her son, Chairman George McCaskey, first revealed the throwback version to her.

The first words out of her mouth were, “Well, those socks don’t turn me on.”

Bless that woman. Even at her age, she remains like any other football fan. Unafraid to voice her opinion and filled with countless tales connected to football that are hilarious as they are emotional. Hopefully, she can add one more to the list next February when Matt Nagy plans to host a special edition of Club Dub with her front and center.