The Dylan Cease Era Is Set To Begin On Wednesday


Fans have been clamoring for this move for essentially the entire season. Now, it’s here. Prized pitching prospect Dylan Cease will be making his long awaited MLB debut on Wednesday against Detroit. The right-hander will start the first game of the doubleheader.

After a dominant start to the season this year, Cease has gotten roughed up a bit as of late. For the year he has a 4.48 ERA in 68.1 innings. Don’t let that get you down though. Dylan Cease is going to be very good. It’s absolutely the right move to call him up for a couple reasons. The first being that the rotation absolutely sucks besides Lucas Giolito. The second being that he can experience the highs and lows of facing MLB lineups so he’s ready to take off at the start of 2020.

Dylan is known mostly for his 12-6 hammer curveball, but he also throws a fastball that can touch triple digits and sits around 97. Once he can harness a solid changeup and find better consistent command, watch out.

Get excited, Sox fans. the pieces are starting to come together. Cease is the next big piece to the puzzle.