Football players don’t get many periods of a year to get away from the game. It’s just the nature of their profession. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours seven days a week to get one’s body and mind to a point where they can excel at this level. So when the customary five-week break comes ahead of training camp, many look forward to it. Mitch Trubisky is not one of them.

The Chicago Bears quarterback appeared at his latest press conference following the team’s second veteran minicamp practice. He carried himself with a business-like demeanor. Something that wasn’t always the case in the past two years. A sign the young man is maturing and growing into his role as a team leader. Knowing this, it seems he feels compelled to set the level of expectation for the franchise.

So when he was asked about whether or not he could avoid thinking about football during the upcoming break, his answer told the entire story.

“I’m thinking about football all the time. I’m not thinking about going home. I’m thinking about getting out here at practice. This is what I love to do. This is what we look forward to do. I mean, to have that mindset to get where we want to go, the goals we have set this year? It’s like we want to practice all the time. Get better. Be around the guys. Hang out and just play ball. We’re living the dream obviously getting to come to work today and play football.”

Mitch Trubisky hasn’t forgotten what happened last year

Trubisky sounds like a man with a craving. One mustn’t forget how last year ended for him. He threw for over 300 yards, a touchdown and had the Bears in position to win their first playoff game in eight years. Then Cody Parkey ruined it. That’s like ordering a delicious dessert, getting one bite of it and having the rest taken off the table before you can finish.

The young quarterback is acting like a man who has a sweet tooth. One bite isn’t enough. Not nearly enough. He wants more and is prepared to do whatever it takes to get it. The 25-year old is locked in. It doesn’t matter how many snaps he takes or how much film he watches. His thirst for more is unquenchable. Players who reach that mindset tend to play some of their best football in the near future.

Given what Trubisky accomplished last season? That should be quite exciting for Bears fans. It would seem the rest of the team is following his lead as well. Head coach Matt Nagy said one of the problems he’s had in practices thus far is getting guys to dial down the intensity on the field. Remember it’s not even training camp yet.

This team may be something to watch come September.