Mitch Trubisky said after the second practice of veteran minicamps that he isn’t as thrilled about the upcoming five-week summer break the Chicago Bears will have before training camp starts July 24th. He’d be perfectly fine skipping straight to the padded practice so he can keep working. It is plainly obvious the third-year quarterback is anxious to avenge how last season ended. Matt Nagy does too.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. Trubisky was playing some of his best football down the stretch. It didn’t always show in the numbers but his efficiency and accuracy, especially late in games was really starting to tell. Then he delivered a masterful second half against the Eagles in the wild card round. He finished with over 300 yards, a touchdown and had the Bears in field goal range to win it.

Then Cody Parkey ruined it.

One can understand that wouldn’t sit well with a competitor like Trubisky. Even so, his relentless drive both impresses and scares his head coach a little bit.

Matt Nagy wants Mitch Trubisky to not lose himself in football

Nagy knows exactly how his quarterback feels. It’s hard to accept losses when they’re out of your control like that. Still, he also knows little good comes from sacrificing friends, family, and real life for the sake of the game. That’s why he told Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly that he’s trying to get Mitch to throttle back just a bit.

“He’s got that kind of that craziness in him to where he’s just like … we talked about it last year, being obsessed. He’s truly obsessed,” Nagy said. “But I do I feel like it’s important that you give yourself as players and coaches an opportunity to just step back and reflect a little bit and then when the time comes, you get a week before training camp, before you know it, it’s going full steam ahead.”

It’s no surprise Nagy would say this. He’s a family man through and through. He understands the value of balancing his love and obsession of football with the love and dedication to his wife and sons. It’s his responsibility to balance both. The is and will remain true for Trubisky. Still, it’s nice to know the kid is so focused on finishing what he started last year.