Well, folks, we made it. Tonight we as Bulls fans get a front row seat to what may re-shape, and revitalize our organization for the next decade. I am anxious, nervous, excited, horny, and blindly confident all at the same time. It is Draft Lottery Night ladies and gents, a night that is so in your face blatantly rigged by the NBA, you almost kind of have to respect it. For months it seemed inevitable that the Knicks were getting the first pick, bringing Zion to the Big Honey-crisp.

But then something subtle, yet interesting started to happen. The narrative shifted towards the Bulls and how Zion can be the next Jordan in the red and black.

You saw it little by little on ESPN, the narrative shifted toward him being in Chicago. Was it maybe to just fill up space and talk about him going somewhere else? Very possible. Will I see it like that and not the Bulls starting their dynasty after tonight? Absolutely not.

If there are any gamblers out there that like to play slot machines, roulette, etc. You know what that half a second adrenaline rush does to you.

“Come on one more Africa, need to hit Wildlife here”.

“If I don’ hit the wheel in the next 4 spins I may not be able to pay rent this month.”

“Jordan 23, red and black, lock it in.”

This is the feeling we as fans will get tonight, and boy oh boy I am in such a positive mindset about this. I was going to write my final pre-draft blog on Colby White, very good guard coming out of North Carolina. But you know what? Fuck that noise, I only have two players in my mind- Zion and Ja.

Any other possible scenario I will block out of my head. The law of attraction for you scholars out there pretty much states that if you think, and speak things into existence, it will happen. So here it is — WE WILL GET THE 1ST PICK IN THE DRAFT, AND IF WE GET THE 2ND PICK I AM STILL A VERY HAPPY FAN.

It has been an absolute pleasure blogging the #TankForZion campaign throughout the season. We have gone through some highs and a lot of lows as Bulls fans this year. The basketball gods have taken note and will reward us for our service and commitment to this franchise.  Now it is time for it to come to fruition. Zion, Ja, or GTFO of my face.

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