Chicago Bears fans of late have their primary attention on two subject matters. The first and most obvious is the upcoming NFL draft. Though the team has no 1st or 2nd round choices, expectations are GM Ryan Pace should still be able to come away with one or two good players. The other subject? The weird happenings with Robbie Gould.

For a time earlier in the offseason it felt like fate might be intervening. The Bears needed a new kicker after the Cody Parkey disaster. Gould had enjoyed a tremendous run since leaving Chicago, connecting on 82 of his last 85 field goal attempts. It seems like such a perfect story. The old gun riding back to save the town that cast him out years ago.

That seems unlikely to happen though when the San Francisco 49ers placed their franchise tag on him. Yet as weeks have passed, the tag contract remains unsigned and Gould continues to offer subtle hints that he wishes to return home.

Robbie Gould hasn’t made clear what he wants but actions say plenty

One would presume Gould’s holdout is centered around his desire for a more long-term contract. Something he’s voiced more than once this offseason. Playing on a franchise tag deal won’t serve that. However, that tweet along with other instances continue to paint a clear picture that the veteran kicker would prefer a return to Chicago.

It is great that he wants that. Plenty of fans do as well. The problem is the Bears might not roll out the red carpet for him if he somehow does escape San Francisco. They’ve already signed three other kickers in anticipation of having a full competition for the job.

This means they’d either have to cut those three men to make room for Gould or he’d have to accept being part of that competition. Neither scenario feels likely at this point. Things do change, but for the time being it appears the 37-year old is stuck only with his dreams.