Over the weekend news broke out that New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday may be on the trading block. Holiday is recognized by many as one of the better two-way guards in the league, and he is essentially entering his prime right now.

Now, I agree with the statement that Holiday is a very reliable and dependable two- way guard. It seems that he is a well-liked guy around the league, and would be a good culture fit just about anywhere. He has gone a little under the radar throughout his career, never placing his name in the top tier (or 2nd tier to be honest) of NBA Point Guards.

So with all that being said, how do I feel about this?

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The moment I saw this it was Bulls fan PTSD from the summer of 2010. Remember that?

We go from being the final contenders in landing Chris Bosh and/or LeBron, to settling for Carlos Boozer for the low price of $75 million. What seemed to be the secondary prize of that free agency, changed the team’s trajectory for the coming years. Can’t land Melo a few years later, so signing Mike fucking Dunleavy will suffice right?

It’s like striking out at the bar with a total dime piece, but convincing yourself that the soft 5 you brought home was still a major victory. This has been Jerry’s MO for way too long, and I for one am sick of it. (Two fives don’t make a 10 Jerry).

I put this story in such a context not because I think Holiday is a scrub — he isn’t by any means. But it is because there is a guy named Kemba Walker, a FREE AGENT that we have not heard one ounce of the Bulls showing any interest in pursuing. Kemba is undisputedly a top tier guard in this league, one that can dramatically change the dynamic and course of just about any team out there.

The Bulls currently have the blueprint for it to be appealing for a guy like him to sign.

  • We have the young studs that have proven themselves to be key players going forward
  • Plug-and-Play: A Kemba/Lavine backcourt is scary.
  • He wants to win now, and with him in a Bulls uniform, that can very easily happen
  • We have the money to throw him a max contract
  • We have the most electric mascot/announcer duo in the game in Stacey King and Benny the Bull
  • We are a major market that can make Kemba a star for long after he hangs up the sneakers

So cut the shit Jerry, let’s stop going after the lower hanging fruit. This is Chicago, we as fans expect more than other cities in their sports teams. All I am asking is to at least give a strong attempt to sign Kemba. Throw him the money, have the guys show him around the city, stuff his face with Italian Beef and Deep Dish Pizza, whatever it takes!

In case you need a little reminder of why I am so strong on this take, here is a little highlight reel of Kemba this past season.