The Chicago Bears have long had a bad sense of timing or luck when it comes to getting their quarterbacks. In 1970 they had a chance to get Terry Bradshaw but lost a coin flip with Pittsburgh. Nine years later they almost drafted Joe Montana but changed their minds at the last second.

In 1982 they went with Jim McMahon, a year before they could’ve taken Dan Marino or Jim Kelly in the fabled ’83 class. Kurt Warner almost signed with them in 1997 but was hospitalized with an allergic reaction to a spider bite. In 2003 they drafted Rex Grossman. This was a year before Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger arrived.

The list goes on.

Every time they’ve gone after their quarterback, it seems like they picked their moment too soon or too later. Well, for once it would appear they got it right. Marc Sessler of ranked the top quarterback classes since the year 2000. Their recent choice of Mitch Trubisky proved a timely one.

Chicago Bears got Trubisky from the 7th best QB class in past 19 years

Sessler has a high opinion of the 2017 class and how quickly they’ve established themselves as a high-achieving group in the league considering 2018 was only their second year.

“A rising class that could wind up near the top of this list before long. Patrick Mahomes is a raging star as the league’s reigning MVP, while Deshaun Watson just earned his first Pro Bowl bid. These are the faces of pro football’s future, while Mitchell Trubisky showed moments of promise under Bears coach Matt Nagy. All three tugged their teams into January and should be expected to do the same in 2019.”

Indeed all three players made it to the Pro Bowl. Trubisky has been under the most scrutiny both because he was the first off the board and also the inconsistency that marked certain parts of last season.

Still, his achievements are already impressive. Just two years into the league and he’s already reached a Pro Bowl, had the most efficient passing season in team history, and led the Bears to their best record in 12 years. People are running out of excuses to doubt him. His coaches and teammates certainly don’t anymore.