John Paxson hinted at this possibly happening during his end of the season press conference on Thursday and according to the Chicago Sun-Times it’s actually going to be real.

I guess it doesn’t really matter in the big picture because the Bulls have already decided that they have no interest in signing big free agents, or more likely they realized that no big free agents want to play for the Bulls. They made sure to stay as least desirable of a destination as possible by reportedly signing head coach Jim Boylen to a contract extension.

Well, at least they’re close to doing it.

In a recent players poll conducted by The Athletic, Jim Boylen received the second most votes for the head coach you would not want to play for.

Boylen has only been an NBA coach for less than a season and players around the league already don’t want to play for him. By the way, Tom Thibodeau finished first ahead of Boylen in that question.

Great start to the offseason.

Just imagine if the Bulls somehow do win the lottery and get Zion. Do you have any trust that this coaching staff will be able to help him develop? Or how about not already extending Boylen and see how he does with another elite young NBA prospect before deciding if he’s actually the right guy for the future?

Oh well, you can’t really expect anything less from this Bulls front office. And they don’t care. The team is still making money and the people responsible for the decisions have absolutely no consequences.

Being a Bulls fan blows right now.