You wanna talk about a wild rumor right before the NCAA Tournament? Well, how about Bill Self leaving Kansas to become the new head coach of the Bulls at the end of the season.

What??? The Self rumor starts at the 3 minute mark.

Here’s the clip from the show.

That’s a pretty strong guarantee right there.

I mean, the Bulls are no strangers to hiring college coaches.

By the way, the Kansas football and basketball programs are under investigation by the NCAA.

This was just reported on Thursday.

Via Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports.

Kansas’ football and men’s basketball programs are currently being investigated by the NCAA, sources told CBS Sports.

An NCAA enforcement official is known to have been on campus conducting an inquiry into basketball. Coach Bill Self was not interviewed for the De Sousa reinstatement, but experts tell CBS Sports that isn’t out of the ordinary if the NCAA is also conducting a formal infractions inquiry.

Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend was heard on a wiretap in October 2018discussing what it would take to land superstar Zion Williamson.

Kansas has appealed the ruling that De Sousa must sit out the remainder of this season as well as the 2019-20 season.

Hey, maybe Bill Self will eventually get to coach Zion Williamson with the Bulls!