I know what you are thinking here guys. “Hey Nick, you realized they won the game right? You fat Polish idiot.” Well, I am here to tell you that 1) I am not fat, just big boned. And 2) There is far more to like about this than the outcome of the game.

Otto Porter Jr.

Status: Day-to-day
Porter (shoulder) will not play Wednesday against the Wizards, KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports.
** Okay, solid decision, but nothing crazy.
Mar 20

Zach LaVine

Status: Day-to-day
LaVine (thigh) won’t play in Wednesday’s game against the Wizards, Zach Rosen of the Wizards’ official site reports.
The organization has realized that there is not much of an upside to playing Lavine and OPJ through minor injuries. What this does is give much needed playing time and experience to not only our other starters but also the younger contributors off the bench.
Case and point:

Need more Felicio in my life. He has slowly become a very solid guy coming off the bench. That Felicio, so hot right now.

Shaq Harrison was one of the main stars of the night. He is most known for his defensive abilities, but tonight he was lighting up the scoreboard on the offensive side as well. With Lavine and OPJ being out tonight, this was a prime opportunity to showcase himself. Shaq rose to the challenge. He treated the Wizards like it was Harry Potter looking to destroy Slytherin in the annual Quidditch cup match. 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals? Absolutely loved everything I saw from him tonight.

“Where have you been all my life” – Rihanna. This is what the Bulls have been waiting all season for. Dunn had a season-high 26 points to go along with 13 assists. He was electric from start to finish and showcased the player he is capable of being. If he can rattle off a strong end of the season with performances like these, it will be a little tougher of a decision to actively look for his replacement.

Yeah, in case you forgot, Lauri is still fucking good. 32 points and 13 rebounds will be something Bulls fans are looking to get used to seeing. Watching him be an absolute animal the entire second half of the season further cements him as a core player to build around going forward.

You really didn’t think I’d leave out the Bulldog in this blog right (still deciding if I should try and push for that to be his nickname). Boylen is noticeably getting his guys to play harder and a good brand of basketball. He is silencing the haters better than Eminem at a rap battle on 8 Mile circa 1996. Most importantly, he is building a culture for the Bulls. This is a HUGE aspect that can pay dividends come free agency time.

All in all, I have come to terms that being in the fourth (from bottom) spot is, by all means, a great place to be in for the draft. Hell, it is only 1.5% less of a chance to snag the coveted top spot for Zion.

I have said it before and I will say it again, tanking is one thing. But it is another to have something rolling for the organization so that whoever gets drafted or signed, can come into a place that is established. The last thing we want is to become the Knicks or the Kings.

Oh, did I mention Zion? Well, here is a highlight video from his ACC tournament performances in case you missed them. He is going to look so hot in a Bulls uniform.