For an organization that has no playoff aspirations this season, the Chicago Bulls seem to have made their way into the headlines a fair amount as of late. Starting with the trade that sent Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker to the Wizards, in which Portis has expressed his discontent with how it all went down.

For Bulls fans, I really don’t see how you can be shocked, it is well known and documented that our management is… less than satisfactory to put it nicely (this time). However, through the turmoil, they made an acquisition for Otto Porter who has selfishly played extremely good basketball since putting on a Bulls uniform. Since Porter’s arrival, the Bulls are 2-2 and look like a halfway decent team.

Hey Otto, maybe you didn’t get the memo once you got to town, but we are trying to tank the living hell out of this season. If you mess this up and prevent us from cashing in on the Zion sweepstakes, I swear to all that is holy I will probably do nothing except write strongly worded blogs about you for the rest of your career. The only thing that is keeping me level headed about the situation, is our fearless leader, our appointed tank general, Jim Boylen.

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In my unprofessional opinion, I think people are overlooking the importance of Jim to the process. Sure, he may be a detriment to the long term health of the organization, but I am a man who likes to live in the present, and for this season, I am all aboard the Jim Boylen train.

Jim, we aren’t asking for much here. Just be yourself, DO YOUR JOB. I want reports coming out that you resumed the push-up regime, that you are over practicing the players causing tension and angst. Otto is feeling way too comfortable for my liking, and you, as the general, need to sit him down and go over the situation at hand, or even make an example of him.

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I have no problem with Porter playing good basketball, it may lead to him being apart of the core infrastructure of the team for years to come. But the fact of the matter is that we sucked at sucking down the stretch last year, completely blew the tank job and wound up with the 7th pick of the draft. We currently sit at 4th from last in the NBA rankings, trailing Cleveland, Phoenix, and New York for the Zion sweepstakes.

For my final note, I just want to leave one thing for Otto to ponder about. Think about what you are doing to the young kids in Chicago. By being selfish, you are taking away the opportunity to have them watch a generational talent, and for them to be proud of their Bulls. Do you really want them to grow up like Knicks fans? I for one would have trouble sleeping at night knowing I was the cause of such sadness and disappointment, but that’s just me.

Cue the music, and let us remember what it is we are fighting for.