Manny Machado and his wife ordered a pair of custom baby shoes for their niece, Yonder Alonso’s daughter, and the adorable gift added another chapter to the ridiculousness of the offseason, sending White Sox fans into a greater hysteria.

You know who’s really loving this today? Custom Bling Inc, the company who made the custom pair of shoes for Alonso’s daughter. They are getting a whole bunch of free press. Anyway, it started with this Instagram post.

Tia and tio, aunt and uncle in Spanish, obviously saying that Machado and his wife ordered the shoes for their niece. Again, the niece who happens to be Alonso’s daughter, Alonso who was traded to the White Sox and wears #17.

Obviously Machado and Alonso are close. Great gift, what a cool uncle.

But again, it was simply a cute gift. Yet, nothing exciting has developed on the Machado front for a month, so of course this was a perfect chance to get some retweets and likes on Twitter.

And you thought we were bad at click bait?

This was overblown because Machado eventually shared a video that the company posted to their Instagram story on to his Instagram story. However, it was obvious that the shoes were for Alonso’s daughter, as the video shows one of the shoes flipped, revealing the #17. Not, as the tweet above, tried to imply that Machado was hinting that he was signing and picked a number with the White Sox.

Machado eventually deleted the video from his Instagram story.

And you know reporters have nothing on Machado’s negotiations when a baby gift prompts a tweet.

So, that’s what this offseason has come to.

The White Sox have a great shot to sign Manny Machado, but pump the brakes if you think it’s going to happen because other people are over reacting to a pair of baby shoes. Chill, it’s going to be OK.