We haven’t really had a good Bryce Harper rumor for about a week or so, but how about this one to start off your weekend! According to a radio host in Washington D.C., Harper has picked the team he’s signing with.

To be clear, Chris Russell is the radio host from 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. and according to his source Harper has made up his mind on the team he’s signing with. Russell is guessing it’s the Giants.

“Maybe I took a little bit of a leap of faith here based on some indications I got from a real good source,” Russell said of saying the decision would be announced on Friday.

“Bryce and his representatives, (Scott) Boras, his people, his wife Kayla, they’ve been meeting since Monday morning in Vegas. Bryce originally wanted this done, when it took this long, by Valentine’s Day. Obviously, the contract has not been announced, signed, whatever.”

“But I’m lead to believe by the people that I’ve talked to that are close to the situation — and I have, again, a real good source that has helped me through this process, let’s just leave it at that,” Russell said. “That Bryce was in a mood to celebrate yesterday. Now, the source said, ‘I believe it’s done.’ I don’t have concrete, 100-percent proof for you guys. I wish I did, otherwise I would have it and I would be running around with it. But I don’t have that, so I want to caution everybody in Philadelphia. But that’s what I was lead to believe, that this thing is now decided.”

Ah yes, so Harper’s decision has been made, but again the source prefaced this information by also saying, “I believe it’s done,” and Russell adding, “I don’t have concrete, 100-percent proof for you guys. I wish I did.”

OK, cool.

The Giants, Russell’s guess, met with Harper recently, but reports indicate that they’re not willing to offer Harper the long-term deal that he wants. To go along with that, it’s believed that Harper has no interest in agreeing to a shorter deal.

The White Sox, Phillies, Padres and Nationals are all seen as serious suitors for Harper, with the Yankees, Dodgers and Cubs still being linked to him but viewed as big long shots to sign him.