Yes, I am going to hang onto this and believe this means something. It is no coincidence that the White Sox moved into the leader spot to land Machado according to BetOnline.

The reason they are now the favorites, you ask? Because Rawlings released a new Manny Machado glove that IS FREAKING WHITE SOX THEMED!

Now I understand that this can mean nothing, but I am taking the ball and running with it! This MLB offseason has been exhausting and it’s either the Sox are in or the Sox are out! It can be super stressful and annoying to keep up with.

I chose to blog about this because I want to relate to other Sox fans out there, who are just holding on by a thread for the Sox to make something happen. This isn’t a report or a source article, it’s just me sharing my excitement over what could be nothing.

With most position players for the Sox being in Arizona right now and pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow, excitement is through the roof here. I feel Machado will be signing with the South Side team soon and dammit, I CAN’T WAIT!

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