John Paxson Loses It On The Score (Audio Included)


John Paxson appeared on 670 The Score this afternoon and did not appreciate questions that were asked by Host, Danny Parkins.

John felt like he was corned by Danny Parkins for asking the question about where the organization is heading. Paxson didn’t agree that the perception of the Chicago Bulls was bad even though the team has been a laughing stock ALL YEAR!

The Sacramento Kings laughed the Bulls off the court this year, Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr have made comments about what’s going on with the franchise. It’s been a joke of a year and it finally seems that Pax is starting to feel the heat.

It has gotten so bad here with the Bulls that fans have a protest planned for March 6th! John Paxson is aware of it and said he understands the fans frustrations, but he’s frustrated too.

John, it isn’t the fact we are in a rebuild why us Bulls fans are mad. Bulls fans are pissed about how you go about these things. You’re biggest acquisitions were Brad Miller, John Salmons, Carlos Boozer, and Pau Gasol. Not one star amongst these names (Though Pau played very well).

Then you and Gar hire Fred Hoiberg and give him Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo alongside Jimmy Butler! Three players who don’t play with pace and can’t shoot the three at a consistent rate! It’s the inconsistencies of your decision making that piss people off!

Then to put the cherry on top you basically say you know you aren’t going to land any big-time free agents this year. Are you kidding? So you just go and trade for one of the most idiotic contracts in Otto Porter Jr? You basically made a move just to make a move.

Listen, I understand the route you’re trying to go. John, you have made some good decisions with draft picks, but everything else is a joke. You need to find a way to get elite talent here to Chicago. The way you’re going now this Bulls team fully healthy is a 5-6 seed in the Eastern Conference for the foreseeable future.  To say you aren’t even going to attempt to land a big name is insulting to the fans that pay their money to go see this team. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TRY!

If you want to listen to the audio here it is down below!

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