Earlier today the Bulls held a practice in Southern California. During this “competitive” practice, Kris Dunn and Robin Lopez seemed to get into a heated argument. Robin Lopez left the practice for 15 minutes to cool down and then returned after.

Chicago Bulls Head Coach, Jim Boylen, said, “We had a very, very competitive practice,” Boylen added, “I felt like we had some guys who are sick of not winning games.”

Kris Dunn who was apart of the scrap admitted that the losing streak is frustrating.

“It is frustrating to be on a losing streak,” Dunn said. “We are trying to figure out ways to get that monkey off our back.”

It’s also been no secret that the Robin Lopez would like out of Chicago. Robin and his management┬áteam have been in talks with the Bulls front office, but the Bulls are not willing to buyout Robin without getting something back in return.

This could be the spark the Bulls need to start winning some games. RoLo is well liked in the locker room and his frustration of not enough playing time and losing games could be a positive thing.

One thing is for sure, the Bulls have the talent to win ball games, but do they have the right leadership?