About an hour before Cody Parkey ruined your weekend, the Minnesota Timberwolves shocked the NBA world by announcing the firing of our old friend Tom Thibodeau.

Thibodeau hitched his wagon to Jimmy Butler, and it failed. But I’m not writing this because of Thibs, I’m writing this because of the man rumored to be the favorite to replace him.

As funny as it would be to see poor Thibs replaced by Hoiberg at two consecutive jobs, it would also be greatly beneficial to the Bulls.

The longer Hoiberg remains unemployed, the likelier it is that Jim Boylen will remain head coach for the Bulls next season.

As much as I love hearing Boylen scoff at modern-day offensive philosophies while harping endlessly on things such as toughness and spirit, I don’t love it. At all. I actually hate it because it’s the worst.

It’s embarrassing that a franchise like the Bulls needs a mid-market team like Minnesota to bail them out when we’re talking about a mere $5M. But that’s the sad reality of being a Bulls fan at the moment.