Just when we thought we’ve learned all there is to know about Jon Jones, we learn some more. Days away from the UFC’s biggest card of the year, Jon “Bones” Jones failed yet another drug test. Jones tested positive for incremental amounts of turinabol, the same substance he tested positive in 2017.

Highly regarded as the most talented fighter to ever grace the UFC octagon, Jones is on track to face Alexander Gustafsson on December 29th at UFC 232. He has been caught with unregulated performance enhancing substances in his system on two separate occasions. Last year, Jones was popped with turinabol in his system. This substance may linger in a person’s system for up to 18 months.

Is He Innocent?

According to Dana White and company, the amount of turinabol found in Jones’ system this week was the equivalent to a grain of salt being split apart 50 different times. One of those 50 grains is what was found in Jones’ system.

For a two time offender, it’s hard to believe that Jones was innocent in his most recent failed test, especially considering he pleaded innocent to his previous two occasions. Jones had remained adamant that he is not a cheater and never knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. The first time, Jones blamed it on a nutritionist. The second time, he blamed it on a “dick pill.” Who knows what to believe this time?

Jones has remained stern that he did not knowingly cheat. The funny thing is this has been his stance on all three occasions he’s been caught. Look, if I’m being honest, I REALLY want to believe him. I love Jones. I have never seen a more dominant fighter in combat sports. He ran through murderer’s row and quickly established himself as the most renowned champion in the UFC. This man had greatness written all over him from the start.

The Verdict

As much as I want to believe him, I don’t think I can. Three separate offenses where he pleads innocent and uses the same excuse that he did not know its too good to be true. The question that raises in my head is why would he consciously keep taking these substances if he keeps getting caught? I mean… no one is that stupid right?

Dana White and company have done everything they can to keep this card alive. They moved the card to California, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission did not license Jones for this fight. Jones has been required to go through extensive drug testing by VADA for this fight if it were to be held in California.

With all this being said, let’s be realistic. We want this fight. Whether he did it or not, we all want to see this fight. Jonny buddy, please don’t mess this up. Not for your sake, but for all of ours.