The Chicago Bears offense hasn’t been great or terrible this year. Frankly, they’ve been all over the place. One week they’d have an outstanding game and the next they’d falter. Seems that shouldn’t be a big surprise. It’s the first year of a new system under head coach Matt Nagy. A scheme that has deep ties to the West Coast style made famous by Bill Walsh years ago.

That offense takes a good deal of time to learn and execute consistently. One of the keys to making it work is the offensive line. They have to control the line of scrimmage in order for the timing routes and complex execution to work. That became more difficult over the past couple of months when the team lost dependable right guard Kyle Long.

Not only did one of their best blockers go down with a foot injury, but also one of their key leaders on the field. He allowed just two sacks in 300 pass blocking snaps prior to his injury. His replacement, Bryan Witzmann has allowed two in the 218 since. It’s been a step down for sure. Getting him back would be a major benefit, and word is that possibility is looming.

Chicago Bears offense must give Kyle Long his postseason moment

The Bears are just one win away from clinching the NFC North title and making their first playoff appearance since 2010. Keep in mind that Long was drafted in 2013. He’s never even experienced a winning season during his time in Chicago. He is one of the few on the roster who had to experience the entire down period from 2014 to 2017 with lots of losing and constant changes to the coaching staff.

Never mind the series of injuries he’s had to battle through just to get back on the field. This is a moment the man must be a part of. He’s earned that much. One thing is for sure. Mitch Trubisky will be glad to have him back. In the eight games Long played this year, the Bears quarterback threw 15 touchdown passes to six interceptions. In the four games without him, Trubisky has six touchdown passes and six interceptions.

Long isn’t the only factor in that change but it’s hard to deny his exit made things tougher on the 24-year old. Getting his leadership and infectious enthusiasm back in the huddle will be most welcome.