One must be careful when placing their best on Madden simulations. It’s not always going to end up how the computer says. Still, it was interesting to get an idea of where the cold, hard logic of machines thinks things will go between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Historically one would think this game favors the Packers, right?

It’s not hard to understand why. Aaron Rodgers owns a 16-4 record against the Bears and hasn’t lost to them in Chicago since 2010. One can understand why many are buying the Packers, even with their losing record, have this one in the bag. The Bears simply haven’t shown they can play a good enough game for 60 minutes to beat them.

Their first meeting proved that much. The Bears owned the game for three quarters before Green Bay erased a 23-3 deficit to win 24-23. One might think they’re still affected by such a gutwrenching loss. Not according to Madden they aren’t.

The simulator not only has them winning but winning big to the tune of 44-20. Mitch Trubisky will throw three touchdown passes. Jordan Howard will have 115 yards rushing. Most incredible of all? The defense will pick off Aaron Rodgers three times, something he hasn’t done in a decade. That would certainly be something to see. Truth be told this prediction feels a little too good to be true.

Odds are the Bears will win, but it won’t be pretty for stretches. Par for the course when trying to beat Green Bay.