Fire up the speculation! Michael Kopech Just mentioned Bryce Harper in a friendly tweet about jersey numbers and I expect White-Sox Twitter to go bananas.

Ignore the tweet Kopech quoted. The picture of Harper in a White Sox jersey has been circulating around the internet for a month already. Kopech recently posted a photo on his Instagram account of his number “34” tattooed on his wrist. Later, he offered Harper his beloved 34 if he agreed to join the Southsiders.

Harper’s reverence for Mickey Mantle is well known, and the rationale behind his jersey number (3+4=7…get it?). Yankees fans love to cite this fact as the cause for his “inevitable” and undying desire to play in pinstripes, but Sox fans are starting to believe the only pinstripes Harper will be in is in Chicago.

Conspiracy theorists will take this tweet and run with it. Kopech was in Vegas last weekend and people went nuts trying to link his visit to sin city with Harper. He squashed that pretty quickly. But now that he tagged Harper in a new, pejorative tweet…I mean, I’m just waiting for White-Sox Twitter to light itself on fire.

Minutes ago I finished writing a piece about Rick Hahn’s calls for patience and the need to allow the pitch process to play itself out. The illustrious White-Sox writer Scott Merkin has even taken to Twitter to remind fans that there isn’t a coded message in every utterance from White Sox brass. Now, it feels like we’re just going to have to light the world on fire.

So get out your torches and gasoline; let’s just burn the whole thing down and hope Harper joins in for a nice conflagration.