Report: White Sox Interested In Adding Both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado


Woah. Is this real life?!?

This is exciting news to wake up to on a beautiful cold November Monday, isn’t it, Sox fans? Today, Ken Rosenthal reported that the White Sox are viewed as a dark horse to land Manny Machado, according to a rival executive. Considering the White Sox have a boatload of money to spend and are looking to start competing. You can read more about that report here.

Now, Jon Morosi writes that a source confirms that the Sox are interested in pursuing both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

Morosi writes,

“After the Phillies, the White Sox are perhaps the best candidate to pursue both Machado and Harper — although there’s no guarantee they will land either. At present, the White Sox have the second-lowest payroll commitment of any MLB team for 2019. With Jose Abreu entering his final season before free agency, the White Sox need a new face of the franchise. Chicago’s affinity for Machado is well-established, as it pursued him via the trade market last offseason.”

It’s no secret the White Sox have the financial flexibility to make these two moves happen and still help add other talents to help this team compete. Now, before anyone reading this starts saying “Why would they want to play for the White Sox?!?”, let me tell you why.

Money talks.

The White Sox could offer the amount of money both of these players are looking for and front-load the contracts. Both these players could ultimately cost the White Sox around $650-$700 million.

Also, another reason both players could consider this is that Chicago has a top three farm system with a plethora of young talent. Manny and Bryce could see that this team needs some veteran leadership and come aboard to an exciting young and up and coming team.

One thing is for sure, it’s refreshing to see that the White Sox are being rumored for these moves. It must mean GM Rick Hahn is making calls and trying to make million dollar moves to bring this franchise back to relevancy.

Adding Machado would round out the infield as well. The White Sox would sure accommodate Machado if he wanted to stay at Shortstop and shuffle the infield around a bit. Adding Harper would make a feared twosome in the outfield as Eloy Jimenez is slated to come up after completely dominating AAA-ball last year.

It’s honestly unlikely but at the end of the day, you have to respect the grind and be content that the Sox are trying to make something happen. They showed interest in Machado last year towards the trade deadline and it’s been rumored for over a year now the Sox were going to pursue him the offseason.

Harper is one of the most polarizing figures in baseball and is one hell of a player, so if Rick Hahn and company want to make a huge splash and bring him in as well, go for it. They would add two of the top 20 players in baseball to the squad, not to mention all the young talent that is waiting in the wings in the minors.

As my Co-Host and I say on our podcast, strap in and get ready to fly, Sox fans. It’s going to be a long and exciting offseason.

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