Last night, it was an ugly loss for the Chicago Bulls. The reason it was ugly is that the Bulls were in it up until the 4th quarter. The Bulls trailed the Mavericks 88-84 heading into the 4th, then the game was lost there.

The Bulls started turning the ball over and it was ugly. The Mavericks jumped on top of them and easily winning the game. The score is deceiving but that’s just because of garbage time.

Though it is annoying as hell that Fred Hoiberg took Zach Lavine out with 1:28 left on the clock and the Bulls down 111-98. The game was out of reach, but Zach had been on fire all night shooting 11-15 from the field, scoring 34 points. When you are in games that are within your fingertips you leave the best player on the team in. That’s where Zach’s frustration has come into play.

Considering the Bulls were outscored 27-25 in the 4th quarter and they clawed and scratched to get back into the game within the last minute, they still could have used Zach. It seems that Fred just let the game slip away by taking his best player out, which is going to fire up a lot of fans and players.

Now, I do see where Fred is coming from by saying that the Bulls lost their composure in the 4th, but that doesn’t mean give up on the game when it’s still in reach. Zach LaVine disagreed with his Head Coaches comments.

So, Zach questioned him at first then pulled back by not putting it on Fred. It’s smart because Zach doesn’t want to cause turmoil within the organization and within the locker room. Though, fans have to ask themselves, is that how Zach really feels?

Whatever the issue is they need to figure it out. Starting the season off 0-3 isn’t too much of a shock, but this team has let up 360 points through 3 games. Bulls fans have seen this team can score in bunches, but they can’t defend their shadow. That’s on both the coach and the players, just the difference is I didn’t see the players give up last night, I think our Head Coach did.

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