The White Sox just finished year two of their rebuild and boy was it a rocky 162-game season. There was some good and then a lot of bad. That was expected though. This is what the early stages of a rebuild look like, no matter how high expectations might be for some fans. This is the reality, it was going to be ugly, really ugly.

But the offseason is here and with it arrives a flurry of rumors, reports and flat out wild predictions. The White Sox have plenty of room to spend if they want to and GM Rick Hahn has already said the team can compete with others in free agency. Obviously the big question is, will they?

Well, here’s a crazy prediction from Bleacher Report that maybe isn’t too crazy? If the White Sox do decide to make a huge splash, Bleacher Report has them as the dark horse to sign Bryce Harper.

Here’s why.

Via Bleacher Report.

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn talked to reporters recently about the upcoming offseason and gave the indication that the team might start to use some of its significant payroll flexibility this summer. Harper going to the Cubs has been a popular rumor, but landing on the South Side instead would make for some interesting marketing opportunities and allow him to join a promising rebuild.

That’s pretty stupid. No, not the part about the White Sox signing Harper, but the first reason listed is because he’ll create interesting marketing opportunities. If the White Sox sign Harper it’ll be because they believe he’ll be a great fucking player for them, not because of marketing campaigns they can do with him.

Yet, how realistic is this?

In the article that Bleacher Report refers to, the one about Hahn talking about maybe using the team’s financial flexibility, Hahn doesn’t really come out strong conveying that message.

By the way, when Hahn does talk about spending money, it’s almost all about the pitching, not signing a big free agent bat.

Via the Sun-Times.

Hahn doesn’t figure to be a big spender in free agency, although he said he will look to add starting pitchers to augment a rotation led by Carlos Rodon, Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito and relievers to strengthen the bullpen.

“In terms of major transactions we remain committed to putting ourselves in the best position for an extended run,’’ he said. “So we’re not looking for short-term fixes that will complicate things in the long run.’’

The Sox aren’t there yet for adding finishing pieces via free agency, but Hahn said they will remain “opportunistic.”

“If we see long term pieces that make sense, in addition to augmenting the pitching or filling certain needs for 2019, I think we have the flexibility to pursue them and we are going to be opportunistic and respond to the market accordingly,’’ Hahn said.

So, maybe we’ll see the White Sox pop up in reports during the winter connected to Harper.

But how will White Sox fans feel? Do you want the White Sox to sign him in the offseason. Let us know!