There’s no argument here. What’s the best season in sports? NHL postseason? Nope. NCAA Tournament? Nope. NFL postseason, MLB postseason? Nope. Hands down, it’s the NBA offseason and boy did it get even juicer with a week to go until the start of training camp.

So, Jimmy Butler had his little meeting with Tom Thibodeau and the result was that after one season playing with the Timberwolves he wants to get traded. Butler reportedly has three preferred landing spots in the Nets, Knicks and Clippers. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Butler’s number one choice is going to the Clippers.

No one should really be surprised. I mean, you had Butler calling out Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, questioning their work ethic. Not great to do that in public when you’re trying to be the leader of a young team. Sound familiar, Bulls fans?

Anyway, the on-court drama and locker room tension has now extended into Towns’ and Butler’s personal lives.

This is just a rumor and really I’m posting it because Towns has actually responded to it on Twitter.

So, here’s the rumor surrounding Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns’ ex-girlfriend.

Via BSO.

“While some say he simply wants to be the MAN in a bigger market, internet detectives have another theory on why he wants out and his strained relationship with KAT. According to the theory Jimmy Butler slept with KAT’s girlfriend Kawahine Andrade. Around the time it supposedly took place in May, KAT mysteriously stopped posting her on IG and vice versa. The internet detectives came to this conclusion after this T-Wolves birthday post to Butler.”

Here’s that Instagram post by the Timberwolves.


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Here’s the comment that was supposedly deleted.

Also, this reddit post from two weeks ago.

Towns did respond to the Black Sports Online article that first published the rumor.

His ex, Kawahine Andrade also posted this on her Instagram Story.

So, they both addressed it.

Finally, Darren Wolfson, a reporter in Minnesota, was asked about the rumor and he actually replied, saying there’s been chatter about it for 2-3 months.

Looks like Dwyane Wade might have actually been serious with his threat against Butler earlier in the summer.


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Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.