Some people just don’t know when to quit. Chicago Bears fans have long since developed a distaste and maybe even a hatred for CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora. Not only has the man come out with several anti-Bears rumors over the past couple of years, but most of them have proven to be way off base. He was off the mark saying Josh McDaniels was their primary target for replacing John Fox. He also stated they would draft Solomon Thomas over Mitch Trubisky last year.

Run down the list and it’s a whole lot of nothing. Speaking of Trubisky, it seems La Canfora was up to his usual baseless nonsense. He went onto The Tony Kornheiser Show to talk football and the subject of the Bears second-year quarterback came up. Initially, it started off with him offering his opinion on Trubisky himself, which is fine. Then, predictably, it all went off the rails.

“I will say this, I am a staunch Mitch Trubisky skeptic. I think there has been a lot of dot-connecting and a lot of projecting and a lot of hype. But, everything I was hearing this summer was he ain’t playing that much because [the Bears] don’t think it will go real well if he plays a lot.

Everything I heard was, let’s go give a pass-rusher ‘quarterback money’ because we might never have to give this quarterback ‘quarterback money’. In the meantime, we better try to win 13-10. Because even though we have all these pieces around him, his ability to get the ball 20, 30, 40 yards down the field, his ability to read the whole field and his ability to run an NFL offense —we’ll see.”

Mitch Trubisky statement has no basis in reality

Sigh. So let’s get this straight. The Bears have apparently declared that their #2 overall pick, the man they just got done hiring an entirely new offensive coaching staff and signing a slew of new receivers for, was declared a bust behind closed doors despite having played just 13 NFL games thus far? Yeah, oh no that makes perfect logical sense.

Never mind the many (many) comments from teammates and coaches alike on their admiration for Trubisky both as a talent and tireless worker. Forget about his obvious leadership qualities and knack for making some nice crunchtime plays. He’s not playing like a superstar right now so that obviously means he is terrible and the team hates him.

Comments like this are more sad at this point than anything else. It’s clear La Canfora isn’t even trying anymore. He’s lost the veil of trying to provide actual inside information and simply making fictional statements with the intent of causing a firestorm of panic among Bears fans. Why? Mostly because that’s what he does and it’s an easy way to get noticed.

As to his statements?

The Bears traded for Khalil Mack because he’s a superstar who filled their biggest need on defense. Not because they feared they wouldn’t be able to score on offense. Trubisky has shown many times he can deliver the ball 20, 30, or 40 yards down the field. His problem was never accuracy. It’s mechanics, specifically his footwork.

Such things are often an issue for young QBs. The trick is to continue drilling him and helping gain experience. To learn how to play with consistent fundamentals during a game. Anybody who abandoned ship on this after less than one full season of starts is completely misguided. It would seem, unsurprisingly, that La Canfora falls into that category.