The Chicago Bears play their second of five preseason games tonight in Cincinnati against the Bengals. It will mark the first time the starters get actual game action this year. Mitch Trubisky and the brand new offense will see the field for the first time. Expectations are they will play a few series in the first half. Odds are the length will depend on how they execute.

In truth, the only thing that matters in regards to the starters is that they all get out of that city with as few injuries as possible. On the other hand, this game will provide a chance at redemption for many players further down the depth chart. There were a lot of names who did well in the Hall of Fame game last week against Baltimore.

Others? Not so much. With less than a month before roster cuts are set to commence, these men know one or two mistakes in a game can see their dreams of making the roster dashed. That’s why this game against the Bengals is so vital. It’s a chance to get back in the good graces of the coaching staff.

So who has the most reason to worry and needs to deliver tonight?

Chicago Bears with the most to lose in the second preseason game

Ryan Nall

Hopes were high for the Oregon State running back going into the preseason opener. He’d been having a solid camp and looked like somebody who could threaten for that #3 running back spot held by Benny Cunningham. His first opportunity did not go well. He carried the ball seven times against Baltimore for just 13 yards. Unless he can improve upon that in Cincinnati or make a big special teams splash, he’s in trouble.

Bennie Fowler

The former Broncos wide receiver was considered a strong addition to the depth chart when he signed in March. Not only is he a decent reserve on offense, but also a special teams standout. That isn’t going to help erase the two ugly drops he had in Canton, one of which cost the Bears a touchdown. Matters were made worse when rookie Javon Wims was the player of the game, making his odds to stick on the roster even longer.

Colin Thompson

Early signs in training camp saw the unheralded tight end whom the Bears signed as an undrafted rookie last year looking like something to watch. He was making some nice plays in practice. Unfortunately, he developed a bad tendency for dropping passes. Something that ended up coming back to bite him in the Hall of Fame game. Given how stacked the Bears tight end position is already, mistakes like that can be fatal.

Kasim Edebali

The veteran pass rusher arrived late to the roster this offseason. It was felt his connection to Ryan Pace and the general weakness of the Bears edge rush situation offered him a leg up to make the roster. Then he got injured, missing camp practice and failed to make any sort of impact the preseason opener. At the same time others like Isaiah Irving, Kylie Fitts, and Elijah Norris all collected sacks. Unless he can deliver one of his own, his stay in Chicago could be a short one.

Deon Bush

Vic Fangio praised Deon Bush before training camp for his improvement at safety. That’s something that doesn’t come easily from the veteran coordinator. Bush has had a decent camp but everybody knows practice and game action are different. While he wasn’t bad in Canton against the Ravens, other young safeties like DeAndre Houston-Carson and Deiondre Hall were more active around the football. This has been a persistent problem for Bush since he was drafted two years ago. He better get it fixed fast.