Players transitioning to coaches in the NFL is far from an uncommon thing. It’s often the best way for them to continue being part of the game they love. Not all of them prove to be great at it. They quickly find that being a good player and teaching someone how to be a good player are two vastly different things. Still, there is value in hiring such men as position experts. Matt Forte took notice of that recently.

The Denver Broncos made a surprising announcement that former star linebacker and future Hall of Famer Demarcus Ware would join the team as a consultant, helping out as a pass rush specialist. It’s not the most terrible idea. Ware was a tremendous leader during his time on the field, so he may have some natural coaching prowess.

It seems some former players are watching this with some interest. Forte is one of them. So much in fact that he took to Twitter, shouting out to the Chicago Bears about possibly hooking him up with a similar position.

Of course it was meant as a joke. Forte seems happy with being able to spend time with his family. He also expressed a desire to get into acting at some point. That’s something former teammate Charles Tillman can help him with. At the same time, it’s fun to speculate on the subject. Few men had a better work ethic or understanding of the full scope of what running backs could do than Forte.

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He could be of great value to Jordan Howard in particular, who continues to have his issues with catching the football. There was none better it for almost a decade than Forte. Alas we’ll have to content ourselves with think about the what-if. Who knows. Maybe he’ll change his mind at some point.