The month of June provides us with an almost daily installment of “On this day Michael Jordan…” So much that I propose we we call the month, Jordan. It was the Romans who created the calendar but their empire eventually fell and I find it befitting of the world’s most popular athlete to at least have his own month.

I have gone through Jordan’s performances and moments from the month of June and found 12 good reasons why this should happen. I could have had more but decided to cut it short here for some reason. Maybe 12 is for that one time his jersey was stolen and he wore it. Whatever it is, here they are in order by day of the month.

June 3, 1992
Michael Jordan finished with a game-high 39 points and set an NBA Finals records for points scored in a half (35) and 3-pointers made in one half (6). After the sixth three, Jordan turned to the camera in an iconic moment, shrugged and continued to lead the Bulls over Portland 122-89 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.


Michael Jordan Shrug
After hitting his sixth three pointer in Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan gave us one of the most iconic moments of his career: The Shrug. (Photo: Getty Images)

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