There isn’t a more iconic jersey in sports than that of Michael Jordan’s Bulls jersey. That’s probably why Nike believes the newest release of it should come with a hefty price tag. $400 to be exact.

This isn’t a complete surprise considering notable throwback company Mitchell and Ness has been selling Jordan’s jerseys at $300 for years. Their jerseys are at least period appropriate and look like what he actually wore from 1984-1998.

Well, except for that weird period from 1993-1995.

Nike’s version will feature the modern cut, truncated arm piping and Bulls logo on the neck to name a few differences. It isn’t even close to what the GOAT actually wore on court.

What it will feature is NikeConnect┬ácapabilities that will give you access to exclusive offers and content from Nike. This can include highlights, experiences, 2K18 boosts and even access to exclusive gear. NikeConnect has given access to exclusive shoes so you might be able to pick up a pair rare Jordan’s at some point.

I wear and collect his shoes but for years I’ve personally held back on buying a Jordan jersey because of the price. So, I don’t think I’ll be buying the Nike jersey for $400 even with all those features. It’s just not worth the price for me.

If it is to you…can I rent it from you? Kidding aside, you can pick it up June 1st at

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