The Chicago Dogs are the newest minor league baseball team in the area and are really pulling on the heart strings of Chicagoans. We love our hot dogs and our flag, so it was a great move to combine the two with arguably our favorite sport. Today they unveiled their uniforms for their inaugural season.

The independent organization did a great job of using the colors of the Chicago flag and combining it with a hot dog, which people are sure to love. They’ll probably sell a good deal of merch this season and have a good amount of fans going to see them in Rosemont.

I’m a little on the fence about the uniforms and hoped for more of a cheesy cartoony logo that many minor league teams using these days. They are very straight and to the point but I do love the red cap.

I do question why they have five point stars on the side of the road uniform and not the stars used on the Chicago flag. My guess that it’s supposed to be a nod to America’s love of baseball and hot dogs but I’ve not read any confirmation of that.

I’ll be sure to catch a game in Rosemont at the brand new Impact Field. I’ve driven past a few times and it’s awesome looking. If you want to check it out before the season begins, the organization is hosting an open house this Saturday.

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