Lauri Markkanen enjoyed himself a wonderful rookie season in Chicago. In 69 games, he averaged 15.2 points and 7.5 rebounds with a 51.8 eFG%. Among rookies, he ranked fourth in scoring, second in rebounding and and third in total made 3-pointers.

Yet, despite putting up those numbers in the league’s third largest market, I can’t help but feel like he gets overlooked. This graphic Bleacher Report tweeted out today only added fuel to my fire.

I mean, shame on anyone (me) who lets a meaningless twitter graphic from a site like Bleacher Report get under their skin. That’s like having a reaction to Skip Bayless whenever he says words.

Still, it seems like Markkanen’s name is absent too often when discussing this rookie class. Obviously Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell are the headliners of the class. Jayson Tatum is a fixture on a good team, Lonzo Ball will always be popular because, reasons. But Lauri should be involved in any conversation that includes Kyle Kuzma, De’Aaron Fox and Dennis Smith Jr.

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Time will tell this to be true, but for the now Markkanen can use the lack of respect he gets for off-season fuel.