The Chicago Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies 9-7 to win the weekend series on the road and it was quite an interesting finale on Sunday afternoon. Several weird events transpired, including Javier Baez trying to block DJ LeMahieu’s view at second base that drew the ire of the Rockies broadcast team.

The Cubs had a 6-0 lead in the third inning, when the Rockies were threatening to score with runners at first and second base and one out. Nolan Arenado was at the plate and as LeMahieu took his lead from second base, Baez kept moving in front of him to block his view of the plate.

It’s pretty obvious that the reason was to prevent any possible sign stealing, but that made the Rockies announcers incredibly angry.

Yet, they were completely all right with the stealing of signs, but then pissed off and annoyed that Baez dared to prevent it from happening. You want to hear some good old fashioned whining?

Here you go.

Baez addressed what happened after the win and made it clear it was about sign stealing. You can hear his response in the link below.

It’s just so incredibly stupid how mad the announcers got. So, Baez isn’t allowed to give his team an advantage, but LeMahieu can? Get the fuck outta here.

Also, fuck the umpire who got in Baez’s face after LeMahieu complained. Baez had every right to position himself anywhere he wanted. How does an umpire have the authority to tell a player where he’s allowed to be or not?

Baez said he was mad about it, but quickly said it was all right because the Cubs won the game and the series and boy what a series for Baez.

On Sunday, he hit his seventh home run of the season and also hit a two-run double. Baez is now tied for the lead in MLB for most RBIs at 23 after driving in seven runs in the three-game series in Colorado.