The Bulls’ draft position looks a lot more clear after a pair of coin tosses from Friday.

So the pick the Bulls acquired from New Orleans for Nikola Mirotic ends up at #22. The last time the Bulls drafted in that slot, they ended up with this guy:

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Bobby Portis is an above average NBA player. Probably couldn’t crack the starting lineup on a contender, but he has a lot of traits that winning teams covet. Hopefully the Bulls can capitalize once again with the #22 pick.

As far as their tiebreaker win over the Kings, the new lottery rules eliminate the Bulls from drafting 4th or 5th.If they don’t fall into the top 3, they will likely draft 6th. If a team a team that finished between 7th and 14th this season falls into the top three of the lottery, the Bulls will slide down to the 7th pick. If two teams from the 7th-14th fall in the top 3 the Bulls will end up 8th, and if all of the top three picks are from teams that finished between 7th and 14th, the Bulls will draft 9th. The odds of two or three teams from the 7th-14th range landing in the top 3 is astronomically low, so the Bulls have essentially locked up a top 7 pick.

So, there ya go. This is what 55 losses in an 82 game season has led to. It wasn’t ideal, but the Bulls still have a fighters chance of getting a top-3 pick and will draft no worse than 7th, which is the same spot that they were able to draft a player in 2017 that appears destined to be an all-star.

Time for mock draft season. Let’s go Bulls