It’s worth noting that even though Cameron Payne had a career-high of 17 points last night, the Bulls could not manage a win against their division-rival, the Detroit Pistons.

The young Bulls got off to a great start by going on an 8-2 run, but it would eventually fall apart. Lauri Markkanen, and Zach LaVine struggled to put any points on the board, even though both them and Kris Dunn combined for 64 points, Wednesday against the Grizzlies.

The Bulls woes on the road continue this season, where now they have lost nine straight road games. Their last victory away from the United Center was against the Atlanta Hawks on January 20.

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Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday played only 12 minutes the entire game and guess what? All 12 minutes were in the first quarter. After that, they were not seen on the court again. If your a fan of the tank, then it should excite you. Lopez helped the Bulls out by giving the team a five point lead at the end of the first. He finished the game with 9 points, went 4-4 including a three point shot he made as well.

Lopez talked about his new role on the team and he does not seem to mind it as long as he can go out and help the team.

“I enjoy new situations. You get to work on stuff you haven’t done before. You gotta go out there and value those minutes, so i can help out my teammates as efficiently as i can.”

Lopez is a team first guy, who is an efficient starter, but does not fit the team and their long term accomplishments. For now he will be that guy you can rely on when he’s needed. Also, he is a great locker room presence for this young Bulls team. Especially, when they struggle to win. This team needs veteran leadership like, Lopez so the locker room doesn’t drift apart.