Sports Mockery reported a couple days ago of a likely Chicago Bears Richard Sherman connection once the former All-Pro cornerback was released by the Seattle Seahawks. Most dismissed the idea given that Sherman is turning 30-years old and there’s no reason to think he’d want to join the Bears given their recent lack of success.

Now that report has received further backing. John Mullin of NBC Chicago confirmed that the Bears are gearing up to be one of the teams to make an aggressive run at Sherman once he becomes available. This shouldn’t be a big surprise. Vic Fangio helped mold him into a future star at Stanford. The two also stayed in contact when they went head to head in the NFC West for four seasons.

“Applying the transition tag to Kyle Fuller is only one part of the Bears’ efforts to (again) shore up a tipping-point position in their defense. The Bears are among teams expected to be in the mix for connection with Richard Sherman, likely to be released by the Seattle Seahawks before the start of free agency.”

Bears Richard Sherman move would be calculated short-term risk

Nobody is saying that this signing, were it to happen, would transform the franchise overnight. Part of winning free agency is being able to plug certain holes with top talent, even if those plugs don’t last for a long time. Even two or three seasons would be considered a success. That’s likely what the Bears are hoping for from this Sherman move.

If they can get just a couple year of the player he’s been in Seattle alongside an emerging Fuller? That secondary could mean serious business moving forward and would allow GM Ryan Pace to focus on bolstering that front seven with more talent in the draft. It’s not a bad strategy at all, provided the money is right.