They say the easiest job on an NFL roster is the backup quarterback. They get paid millions of dollars to sit on the bench and do practically nothing. In truth though it might be one of the most quietly important positions to fill in the sport. Ask the Philadelphia Eagles where they might be had they not signed Nick Foles to backup Carson Wentz last year. New Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is a former QB himself. He understands the value and importance of that spot well. He did occupy at times during his career.

So he didn’t waste much time finding somebody credible he can trust at that position behind Mitch Trubisky. Chase Daniel has been around the NFL since 2010. He’s played for three different teams including New Orleans, Philadelphia and Kansas City. It was the last one of those where the 31-year old and Nagy got connected. Daniel was backup to Alex Smith with the Chiefs for three seasons from 2013 to 2015.

Now according to Peter Schrager of NFL Network and Fox Sports, he is set to take over that same job in Chicago.

Matt Nagy has a right to feel comfortable with Daniel

Daniel isn’t on the same level in terms of accomplishments as Foles. He is far more a true backup. To date, he’s only started two games in his NFL career. To his credit, he performed well in both. All told he went 37-of-57 for 357 yards and a touchdown. He doesn’t have the strongest arm in the world but he’s a quick decision-maker who can keep an offense on schedule and throw accurately under pressure.

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What can also be lost about Daniel is his underrated mobility. Being a shorter QB often means he has to move in order to find throwing lanes. He can do that but is also an able scrambler, picking up big chunks of yardage with his feet.

His skill set is somewhat similar to Trubisky in that regard, making him a good choice to conduct the offense the new Bears coaching staff wants to put together. He’s known for being a total professional and good teammate. Yet another experience and capable pair of eyes that Trubisky can use to his own advantage. A solid, solid move for Chicago.