When it comes to free agency every team loves to make that splashy pickup. The signing that adding a still relatively young player with Pro Bowl skill to the roster. However, there is so much more to it than just that. Part of “winning” free agency is managing money and bringing in players who some might not think too much about but can help the team in a number of ways. This includes older players who might be viewed as “past their prime.” The Chicago Bears are no strangers to this practice.

In fact, they’ve had some success in the past at collecting an older player and getting some great production out of him. Julius Peppers was already 30-years old when he signed with the team in 2010. Ruben Brown signed with them at age 32 to play guard in 2004. Two years later he went to the Pro Bowl and helped them reach the Super Bowl. In 2001 they added big nose tackle Ted Washington who became an All-Pro. He was 33 that year.

So age isn’t necessarily a deterrent to success for free agents. It’s merely that the hit rate on such players is lower than with younger ones. Even so, could the Bears be interested in a calculated move for such a player? Price will play a factor, as will talent. It seems that one such name who fits that mold may be in their grasp soon.

Richard Sherman may see Chicago Bears as his new home

The Seattle Seahawks are blowing it all up. Michael Bennett was already traded to Philadelphia. Word is they’re listening to offers for safety Earl Thomas. Now it seems their former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman is likely to get released in the next few days.

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Prior to last season, Sherman had never missed a game in his NFL career. A torn Achilles ended that streak. Now he’s trying to return off a difficult injury and is about to turn 30-years old at the end of March. It’s unclear how much gas he has left in the tank, but teams may be willing to find out. Sherman went to four-straight Pro Bowls prior to his injury.

Already Ian Rapoport of NFL Network theorizes that teams like the Chargers, Falcons, and Raiders may be possible landing spots for him. This due largely to those teams running schemes he’d be familiar with. However, there is an undercurrent of buzz that suggests the Bears may be in that conversation.

Sherman may be seeking reunion with an old friend

Why would that be? The Bears aren’t exactly a contender and don’t run a similar scheme to the Seahawks. The truth lay in one key factor. That would be Vic Fangio. Most people don’t remember but Sherman’s last year at Stanford, and his best, came when Fangio was the defensive coordinator. The two also spent time going against each other in the NFC West for four years from 2011 to 2014.

That might explain why a source informed me that Sherman’s camp may hold the Bears in a higher regard than some might think.

“Sherman is interested in the Bears and views Chicago as a top choice.”

On a certain level, it’s not crazy. The Bears defense finished 10th last season. They’re young and ascending. They also have Mitch Trubisky and some interesting pieces on offense. Sherman is known for being a smart man who keeps himself well-informed. Perhaps he thinks the Bears are ready to ascend. A pairing of him and Kyle Fuller would certainly look great, presuming he’s the same player after that injury.